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 Sept 18 Timetable

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Lynden is pleased to offer new Gymnastics classes - Juniors and Gym for All - available Monday, Saturday & Sunday.  New Acro classes now available in Overton and Chineham - Little Lynden, Junior and Intermediate - see timetable for details. New Gymnastics and Acros Dance classes at the Serious Sport Dummer Arena - starting 15th October.

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Contemporary Dance classes. Details here.

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Little Lynden

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Entering for Exams

Debbie’s view for parents and students.  Click here.

Debbie has written her first blog.  You should find it interesting and informative.  Please click here.

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Acro Dance Classes


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Graded Classes for Ballet, Tap and Modern Jazz

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Uniform (T-Shirts, Hoodies, Scrunchies etc) available to purchase through the new Lynden store.

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Medal Tests - 23rd October

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