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24. Please do not leave your bags or other personal belongings laying around; please use a locker. Our store area is extremely limited, so please do not leave any personal items in these areas at any time.


26. Please remember that the children are at the workshop to have fun. Staff are not permitted to punish or verbally belittle the children in any way. If a child is badly behaved, disruptive or unkind to others they should be:

1. Told quietly but firmly that their behaviour is unacceptable (give a brief explanation as to why it is unacceptable if necessary) make it clear that it will not be tolerated and that it must stop immediately. There should then be no further discussion regarding the matter with the child, walk away and continue with the group activity.

2. If their bad behaviour continues, they should be warned that their parents will be called to take them home.

3. If a child's behaviour becomes consistently unacceptable, very serious or dangerous, Debbie must be informed immediately. If necessary, to avoid serious disruption or risk of injury to themselves or others, the offending child should be separated from the rest of the group but must be supervised at all times. The child's parents will be contacted immediately.

27. Rough play or play fighting should be discouraged.

28. Remember to acknowledge good behaviour and effort with verbal praise and encouragement and remember to award merit stars.

1. Staff should arrive by 9am on Monday and by 9.45am Tuesday-Friday.

2. Staff must wear the correct uniform and name badges at all times: Black Stageforce polo shirt, black full length trousers, black trainers, jazz shoes or other shoes suitable for dance. (No flip flops, sandals or open toed shoes) Jewellery should be discrete and minimal. Baseball caps or any other form of hat may not be worn.

3. Parents are not permitted in the main hall, or studios one or four during the workshop hours.

4. Mobile phones must be switched to silent mode and only used at break times.

5. Food may only be consumed at break times. Staff must not give food to the children. (Incase of food allergies, diabetics etc)

6. There must be no un-necessary physical contact with the children at any time.

7. Smoking is prohibited in the Sports Centre and staff are not permitted to smoke in view of the children at any time.


8. Staff must use appropriate language and conduct at all times.

9. Staff are expected to stay with and supervise the children at all times, including breaks. There must be one member of staff at the front and one at the back of each group of children when they are moving from one room to another. Please take extra care on the stairs and ensure that the children hold the hand rails and do not have any trailing bags, clothing, shoe laces etc. that they may trip on.

10. If a child or member of staff requires first aid the duty manager must contacted via radio

11. If a child becomes unwell staff must inform Debbie. Staff must not, under any circumstances administer any form of medication.

12. All staff must ensure that they are aware of and fully understand the emergency evacuation procedure and familiarise themselves with the location of the emergency exits, escape routes and meeting area.

13. The children must wear their Stageforce T-shirts at all times except when they are in costumes. This makes them more easily identifiable and increases their personal security.

14. A register must be taken at the start of each day and after lunch. Head counts should also be made periodically throughout the day.

15. The children are not permitted to leave the building at any time. At 4pm staff must ensure that all children leave with a parent/guardian.

16. All adult craft equipment and cleaning products must be kept out of the reach of the children at all times. The children must not have free access to the craft drawers or boxes.

17. All craft equipment used by the children is safe and non-toxic. Please monitor the use of scissors carefully - No hair cuts please! Please demonstrate how to construct each project before the children begin. Interact with the children and help where required. Encourage the children to take their time and have pride in their work.

18. All paint spills and splashes must be cleaned immediately. Ensure that there is always a cleaning cloth and water spray bottle available in every studio when the children are doing craft activities.

19. Do NOT put detergents of any kind in the water spray bottles.

20. The children must do all craft work at the tables; they should not work on the floor unless the project is very large.

21. If a child accidentally spills paint or glue on their clothes/shoes, please take them to the cleaning store to clean them up rather than the toilets.

22. If the children use the hand basins to wash their hands, please ensure that the basins, floors, walls, door handles etc. are left clean and dry.

23. Please ensure that all Sports Centre cleaning equipment is returned clean. (Rinse out mops, buckets, cloths and empty the dust pan etc). Never leave the cleaning store unlocked and always make sure that it is tidy.