© 2022 The Lynden School of Dance & Acrobatics

© 2023 The Lynden School of Dance & Acrobatics

To encourage the best possible all-round dance education and experience we offer the three core dance disciplines; Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz and Tap as one combined package.  We feel that for dancers to get the most from Lynden, it is important that they are versatile and have a solid, all round dance technique, elegance and strength.  

This combined class enables students to take all three genres on the same day, making it much more convenient for parents too.

This course offers dancers the scope to study several dance disciplines enabling them to develop a comprehensive understanding of dance and performance and provides them with a firm foundation of technique that can be progressively built upon.

Although the graded classes cover some non-syllabus performance work, flexibility and strengthening exercises, they mostly focus on following the British Theatre Dance Association (BTDA) syllabus with the aim of taking BTDA examinations.

Examinations are encouraged but are not mandatory and students can progress to higher levels without taking them.

For further information on general graded examinations, please see the BTDA website here.

If you are unsure which class would suit your child best, please let us know and we will be happy to advise you.  Unless a child has had previous dance experience, we generally recommend our Prep BTM (45 mins) or Graded Classes BTM Prep & Primary (90 mins) classes.  If a child has previous dance experience or is above the age of 9 years, please contact us for an assessment.

Lynden provides Graded classes from Prep & Primary through to Grade 5 in each discipline and onto Advanced Foundation classes.

Combined Graded ballet, Tap & Modern Jazz per 10 lesson term:

1 x 90-minute class per week - £132 inc VAT

Combined Graded Ballet, Tap & Modern Jazz