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It is mandatory for all participants in Danceforce 2013 to have a Lynden T-shirt and wear this for security and identification purposes.  If you do not already have a black T-shirt, please order one below.  The T-shirts will be invoiced later at the price indicated.

It is optional for students to have a Lynden School of Dance track suit.  Track suits and T-shirts are ideal to wear to and from classes, at dance festivals, shows and exams.  They may also be worn to medal/festival classes.

Legal disclaimer:


I give permission for the aforementioned student to participate in Danceforce 2013 run by The Lynden School of Dance.  I understand that entry is dependent on completing the enrolment and paying the £25 deposit.

I confirm that I have read the information and accept the conditions as laid out by The Lynden School of Dance.  

I confirm that I have registered the student previously providing addresses, names, phone numbers and an e-mail address for emergency and contact use.  I confirm that I will provide details of medical conditions to the Lynden School of Dance closer to the event for emergency use during the event.

I understand that whilst every effort is made to ensure the safety of all participants, all physical activity carries a certain amount of risk.

I understand that the students(s) participate at his or her own risk. I accept that all belongings used by students are done so at their own risk.

I understand that  photographs and video footage will be taken before and during Danceforce 2013 for publicity purposes and  I am happy for my child to be included in this publicity.  I understand that low resolution photographs will be made available on the web site and a CD containing photographs and video of Danceforce 2013 will be made available.

I understand that each student is required to wear a Danceforce T-shirt at each rehearsal and at the Anvil Theatre for security and identification purposes.

Payment for Danceforce 2013:


Payment of the deposit for Danceforce 2013 should be made in advance by PayPal using “lyndendance@aol.com”, or by cheque made payable to “The Lynden School of Dance”.

Enrolment cannot be confirmed until the deposit payment has been received.  Invoices will be raised for uniform items as requested.