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Danceforce 2015 will take place at QMC, Basingstoke - Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd November 2015

Performance times each day:

Saturday 21st   Evening – 6:30pm

Sunday 22nd    Matinee – 2.00pm

          Evening – 6:30pm

All Lynden students are invited to take part in Danceforce 2015.  Danceforce is one of our biggest, most popular and exciting events! We strongly encourage all of our dancers to take part.  Please see here for photographs and videos from previous Danceforce productions.

This event is staged as a full technical production, utilizing full theatre quality lighting and sound systems in front of an audience of many hundreds. This event is the pinnacle for our dancers – it will be the best show any of our dancers have ever taken part in. It aims to showcase their talent, their

performance skills, and their teamwork, and to take their confidence to new heights. If in any doubt, speak to other parents who have witnessed Danceforce.

The average price of each costume is £30.00 - £35.00. Most children will only be included in one or two routines, but older children or those who participate in more classes, may be included in more.  A separate costume is required for each routine so if you wish to limit the amount of routines that your child is included in, please indicate this on your consent form.

All performers will require a Lynden T-Shirt which are priced  £8 - £10 depending on the size.  It should be worn for all rehearsals and may also be worn for all dance classes.  

A firm commitment from parents and children must be made once completing the consent form. It is essential that every effort is made to ensure that all children attend all rehearsals for which they are required. Most rehearsals will take place during normal class times. As the date draws nearer, a few extra rehearsals (max of 4) may be arranged at The Sports Centre. There will be a full dress rehearsal at QMC on Sunday 8th November.  Note. There will be a charge of £6 per child for all additional rehearsals (excluding the rehearsals at QMC on 21st November.) It should also be remembered that once agreeing to take part in the show each individual dancer plays a very important role in their group and after agreeing to make the necessary commitment they should be encouraged to see it through to the end and not let their group down.

Parents should also note that all costumes ordered must be paid for whether of not their child actually performs, as costumes will be ordered several months in advance.

Payment of the deposit for Danceforce 2015 will also mean that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the event.

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