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December 2010

Alex Hartley

My name is Alex Hartley and I have been dancing with the Lynden School of Dance since I was three, unbelievable.  I love participating in the medal tests, wearing make up and lots of different and jazzy costumes.  I enjoy practising with the friends I have made through dancing and  also learning new and challenging routines.  I have performed in London and at The Anvil and am now really really excited to be going to London again in April. Dancing is hard work but fantastic fun.  Thank you to  Debbie and Charlotte for helping  and encouraging me.

January 2011

India Whittlesay

My name is India Whittlesey and I am 8 years old. I started dancing when I was about 5 and my favourite dance is tap because I like the dances and costumes that we wear on stage.  I also like dancing because it is really fun and energetic.

 I have taken part in several dance and Stageforce events and have enjoyed every one of them.  I am excited about the Sadler’s Wells performance and looking forward to another Anvil show.  I hope both will go well and that everyone will enjoy them.  

February 2011

Grace Frewin

My name is Grace Frewin and I am 7 years old, I have been dancing at the Dance Academy since I was 3 years old.  My favourite style of dance is Ballet because it's slow and graceful.  I have enjoyed learning new moves in the medal test class and am looking forward to learning more this year.

I really enjoyed taking part in Danceforce in 2009 and am looking forward to the show in July this year.  I would love to be a professional dancer when I grow up but I know I need to keep practising really hard to achieve that dream.


March 2011

Holly Gilmour

My name is Holly Gilmour I am 8 years old and have been dancing at the Lynden School of Dance since I was about three. My favourite style of dance is Modern Jazz because it's quite fast and energetic.

I have just started the medal test classes and am enjoying them. I love wearing unique costumes and make up. I have done a few shows and enjoyed them. I am looking forward to doing the show at Sadler's Wells and the show at the Anvil this year.