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Be a good sport! Be supportive of other members of the dance school as well as those from competing schools. Clap for everyone and congratulate when in order.

Be appreciative of what you earn - the medal or score that you get may not reflect how you feel you danced. Respect the adjudicator's opinion and accept constructive criticism.

Be on time and prepared for all practices and performances. You should arrive at least one hour before your scheduled performance slot and be properly warmed up and dressed in plenty of time. Competition schedules do not always run to time!

Parents are never allowed back stage.

Make sure that you have all of your costumes, shoes, tights, make-up, and hair accessories in excess! Please share if necessary. Everyone has a forgetful day but please don't always be the one asking or people will stop loaning you things.

At competitions, please make sure that you bring all of your music cassettes. Make sure that they are set and hand them in to the music desk in plenty of time. Always bring any CD copies that you have of your music as a back up.

Go to the adjudicator when you are presented with and award, do not expect them to come to you. Remember to say 'thank you'.

Do not enter, exit, or move around when someone is performing. Do not assume that it is ok to do this just because you see people from other schools do so. It is disrespectful and unacceptable. Lead by example.

If you have Danceforce uniform, please wear it to and from Medal Tests and Festivals, between your performances, and at competition award ceremonies.

Always stand with good posture when you line up on stage waiting for adjudication and never talk, except to the adjudicator and only to answer any questions that they may ask you.

Do not rush to comfort your friend or child the moment they leave the stage if they made a mistake, leave this for the teacher to deal with.

Never make unkind comments to your partner or team mates for mistakes. Nobody is perfect!

Dancers and parents are expected to treat each other, their teachers, adjudicators, and fellow dancers with the highest level of respect. Winning medals and trophies is nice, but representing The Dance Academy and The Lynden School of Dance with class and dignity is an absolute requirement.

Temper tantrums, raised aggressive voices, or demonstrations of overly emotional or dramatic behaviour is never appropriate and will not be tolerated.

Any dancer who displays this sort of negative behaviour at any of our events will be banned from taking part in the following event or possibly banned entirely from representing our dance school in any further medal tests or competitions. All entry fees already paid for an event that a dancer is banned from, will be forfeited. In the case that a banned dancer is part of a duet or trio, a substitute will be made wherever possible, or the partner/partners will be refunded.