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July 2010

Burghfield Dance Festival

Students from the Lynden School of Dance and the Dance Academy achieved some notable successes at the Burghfield Dance Festival held over two weekends of 20th and 27th June.  A total of 21 first places were recorded. Impressing the judges were Katie McGregor-Moore and Hannah Phillips with their top tap duet scoring the highest marks.  Also with top places were Rosie Clark, Abby Elliott, Molly Glendon, Bethany Honnor, Amy Hyde, Tilly Long, Ellie McCann, Rachel Thompson, Zoe Bromilow, Charlotte Gerrish, Alex Hartley, Katie McGregor-Moore, Hannah Phillips, Paige Sankey and Mia Wyles.  Full results are here.

Lynden now on Facebook

Lynden School of Dance now has a Facebook page on which we intend to announce all key activities to keep students and parents informed.  To view the Lynden Facebook page click the logo.

June 2010:

Lynden opens in Whitchurch

The Lynden School of Dance is pleased to announce that it will be opening dance classes in Whitchurch from 10th September 2010.  An open day is being held on 3rd September.  See link for details.  All are welcome.

Timetables Changes in Basingstoke

Student numbers in some of the Basingstoke Sports Centre classes on a Saturday have become too large for a single class and hence a revised timetable will operate from September 2010.  Please note the changes on the timetable on the Dance Classes tab.

Invoices for September 2010

We are distributing the invoices for next term by e-mail wherever possible.  If you have not given us an e-mail address please register it now on a Lynden enrolment form.

From September, the Monday Extra Medal Classes in Kingsclere will be supervised by Charlotte in order to gain more from this time.  The routines will be used for the Medal Tests in October and we will be again competing in the Burghfield Festival in November this year.  It is possible for further students to join the Medal Classes.  Please discuss the details with Debbie.

July 2010

The Concert for Emma raised a total of £960.88 including all the donations.  Many thanks to all those who gave so generously of their time and money.

Most thanks goes to the performers of the Lynden School who danced magnificently throughout the day.  You can all be proud of yourselves.

We wish Emma and her family all the very best for a successful operation and look forward to their safe return in September.

With love from us all. x