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Fiona Creelie - Senior Gymnastics Coach

Fiona found her love for both dance and gymnastics at the age of 4 when she started classes in Basingstoke.  At 5 years she joined the Artistic squad in her gymnastics, but given the choice between dance and gymnastics she chose to keep gymnastics as a hobby for fun and concentrate more on her dancing.

Once she had turned 13 she became a volunteer coach at her club, and took her first coaching qualification at 14, at the same time as joining the Team Gym squad as a gymnast.

Just before heading off to university, Fiona completed her Club Coach General Gymnastics exam.

Fiona went on to complete a 3 year National Diploma in Musical Theatre at BodyWork Company Dance Studios in Cambridge, followed by a BPA (Hons) Degree in Contemporary Dance from Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds.

After graduation, Fiona continued to work towards further coaching qualifications alongside her performance work, and took on the head roles for both the Development Squad and Adult Gymnastic sections.

She has since found the love of participation again when recently she started to train in an adults Acro Trio, who have since competed and medalled at local and National level competitions.

Qualifications: L3 General Gymnastics, L3 Freestyle, L2 Women's Artistic, L2 Men's Artistic, L2 Tumbling, L2 Pre-School, L1 Aerobics, Fun4Baby.

She is due to complete her L2 Acrobatics course by the end of 2018.

She holds a current first aid qualification, safeguarding certificate and DBS check.