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Students must be over 6 years old to perform at Her Majesty’s Theatre.

Legal disclaimer:


I give permission for the aforementioned student to participate in the performance at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London  on Sunday 12th February 2017, run by The Lynden School of Dance.  I understand that entry is dependent on completing the enrolment form and payment of the fees below. I understand that the numbers of students participating in the event is limited to 35 and will be selected on a “first come, first served” basis. Registrations can only be accepted after 5:00pm on Sunday 6th November 2016.  I agree to pay a £25 deposit following registration.

I confirm that I have read and accept the 'Terms & Conditions' as laid out by The Lynden School of Dance.  

I confirm that I have registered the student previously providing addresses, names, phone numbers and an e-mail address for emergency and contact use.  I confirm that I will provide details of medical conditions to the Lynden School of Dance closer to the event for emergency use during the event.

I understand that whilst every effort is made to ensure the safety of all participants, all physical activity carries a certain amount of risk.

I understand that the students(s) participate at his or her own risk. I accept that all belongings used by students are at their own risk.

I understand that  photographs will be taken before and during the performances for publicity purposes and I am happy for my child to be included in this publicity.  I understand that low resolution photographs will be made available on the web site.

I understand that each student is required to wear their Lynden uniform at each rehearsal and during the performances for security and identification purposes.

Payment for Her Majesty’s Theatre 2017:


The total cost of the rehearsals for the performance are as given in the information brochure here.

Parents will also need to budget for two costumes which is estimated to cost £30 - £35 each.

The group will also travel to the theatre by coach. Parents will be asked to pay for the coach fare (approximately £20) nearer the time.