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I give permission for the aforementioned student to participate in the class in association with The Lynden School of Dance.

I confirm that I have read and accept the  'Terms & Conditions'.  

I understand that whilst every effort is made to ensure the safety of all participants, all physical activity carries a certain amount of risk.

I understand that the students(s) participate at his or her own risk. I accept that all belongings brought in by students are done so at their own risk.

Photographs of the children may be taken by staff and displayed for parents to view.  Due to current child protection policies and copyright laws, no other photography or filming will be permitted.  Photographs will be displayed at low resolution on the web site and may be used for publicity purposes.       

Payment for Classes:

The fee for the Tiny Tots Class is £6:00. The fee for the Ballet, Tap and Modern Class is £11:00 (including VAT).

Payment for class should either be made to The Lynden School of Dance or using the PayPal link on the acknowledgement page.  Places will not be guaranteed until payment is made.