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Legal disclaimer:


I give permission for the aforementioned student to participate in classes run by The Lynden School of Dance.  Lynden School of Dance classes in Basingstoke are run in conjunction with Basingstoke Sports Centre.

I confirm that I have read and accept the 'Terms & Conditions' as laid out by The Lynden School of Dance available here.

I understand that whilst every effort is made to ensure the safety of all participants, all physical activity carries a certain amount of risk.

I understand that the students(s) participate at his or her own risk. I accept that all belongings brought in by students are done so at their own risk.

I understand that from time to time photographs and video footage may be taken for publicity purposes and I am happy for my child to be included in this publicity.         

Payment for Classes:


Payment for classes with the Lynden School of Dance should be made in advance via bank transfer or by PayPal using “LyndenDance@aol.com”, by cheque or, at the latest, on attendance at the first class of the course.  Cheques to be made payable to “The Lynden School of Dance”.

Lynden Dance & Gymnastics utilises a secure Customer Portal. Developed in conjuction with ThinkSmart Software, this portal will provide the following:

Existing customer are being invited by email to register on the Customer Portal or can register here.  A unique password is requested at the initial stage followed by access to the portal.  The password is used for future access.

New Customers will need to submit their details to Lynden and be first accepted by the team prior to being able to enrol on classes to ensure uniqueness of credentials.  New Customers should click here to gain access to the system.

We have enhanced the registration process for Lynden allowing you to select classes prior to providing customer and student details.  Click below to use our new process.

Enrol in any of the Lynden classes here  .

Enrol in Little Lynden classes here  .

Enrol in Lynden dance classes here  .

Enrol in Acro classes here  .

Enrolling your child – Please enrol your child before attending, this ensures that we have all your contact details in an emergency and enables us to send you relevant information via email.  

Trial Period

Please register for the first three trial classes here.

Shortly after enrolling, you will receive an invoice for the first three trial classes only. We encourage all new starters to attend all their trial classes to enable them to become more settled and get a better feel for the class before deciding whether they’d like to continue. Please note that you can start your trial classes whenever it suits you and they do not have to be consecutive.

What to Wear for Trial Period

For the first three trial lessons we recommend that students wear any clothes that they feel comfortable in that allow free movement.  They will need some hard-soled supportive outdoor shoes for tap but may have either bare feet or wear plimsolls for all other classes.

Continuing After Trial Period

After the trial period, we will assume that you’d like to commit to the remainder of the term unless you email us at LyndenDance@aol.com to cancel. Children are then automatically registered for the class for consecutive terms and payment for the full term will be due regardless of whether every class is attended.

We request that you give at least one month’s notice before the start of the following term, should you wish to cancel.

After the 3-week trial period we ask that students wear our regulation uniform and shoes.  Hair must be worn in a neat and secure bun for all dance classes.



The welfare and safety of the children at Lynden is paramount to us. We follow strict safeguarding procedures to ensure the wellbeing of every child is at the highest level.

Whilst all physical activities carry the risk of injury, at Lynden we do everything we can to ensure that we always follow safe practices.

All Lynden staff are DBS checked and trained in Safeguarding and First Aid.


All invoices and almost all our correspondence is via email.  We also display important notices and information on our notice boards.

 Our web site www.lyndendance.co.uk is regularly updated and packed full of information and we have very active Facebook and Instagram pages which are updated on an almost daily basis.

Facebook is also our fastest way to get urgent information to parents concerning any class cancellations due to sickness or poor weather etc.


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