© 2022 The Lynden School of Dance & Acrobatics

© 2023 The Lynden School of Dance & Acrobatics

 Introducing the Lynden Academy

The Lynden Academy has been established to allow Lynden dancers and gymnasts to follow additional activities or try new something new or practice their routines as an adjunct to their existing classes while at home.  The Academy will also allow Lynden to provide training on many ancillary activities for the school.

Registration for the Lynden Academy is free to all Lynden students and is available here.

Lynden will use the Academy to demonstrate good technique for dancers and gymnasts working towards their examinations or badges as much of the course work being followed in the physical classes has been filmed and is currently available.  The list of courses will expand over time.

Available free courses include “How to style a hair bun for dance classes” and “Use of the Lynden Customer Portal”.

There are 8 workshops available on the Academy that teach elements of West End musicals for Senior and Inter students.  These include 42nd Street, Cats and the Wizard of Oz.

Several other courses are being developed.