© 2022 The Lynden School of Dance & Acrobatics

© 2023 The Lynden School of Dance & Acrobatics

Having a performance goal to work towards,  really helps to keep dancers interested and inspired.

The Medal Test is a performance-based award system offered by The British Theatre Dance Association (BTDA) which is an internationally recognised and accredited organisation.

Candidates perform in front of a BTDA examiner and a small audience of family and friends and if they are successful, they receive their award, certificate and, in all cases, a report sheet with comments from the examiner.  There are 15 levels for a candidate to progress through, starting with a bronze medal all the way to a third cup, with different graded levels of merit for each award.  

Medal Classes per 10 Lesson Term:

1 x 60-minute class per week - £80.00 inc VAT

Medal Classes


In our Medal Classes, children learn solo, duet or trio routines in different dance disciplines.  The children can perform their routines in Medal Tests, displays and competitions. Medal tests are generally held twice a year during the school holidays.

To qualify for the classes, children must be a minimum of 6 years old and take our graded ballet, tap and modern/jazz dance classes as well.

Parents are expected to pay for all costumes and make-up that their child requires for every routine performed. The costumes can be worn on more than one occasion and, if it is appropriate, it may be possible to use some of the costumes that the children already have from our Danceforce shows. Parents may if they wish, limit the number of routines and medal tests that their child takes part in. The medal classes provide the children with a great opportunity to gain performance skills and confidence.