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All candidates performing in the medal tests will require a suitable costume for each routine that they are performing. Here a few suggestions when choosing costumes.

Modern Solo:

A coloured leotard and footless tights trimmed with sequins.

A trimmed Lycra cat suit or jazz suit.

Jazz pants or hot pants with a sparkly top.

A short circular skirt with a sparkly top (Skirts for modern are usually more suitable for younger children)

Tap Solo:

A coloured leotard trimmed with sequins

A skater's style leotard with an attached skirt.

A trimmed jazz suit.

Jazz pants with a sparkly top.

Children up to the age of approximately 10 years old may wear frilly white ankle socks but older children should wear either: tan, shimmer or fishnet tights, with leotards and or skirts. (Please ensure that tights are completely sheer and do not have a re-enforced section that extends down to the thighs - Always best to get proper dance tights.)

Lyrical Solo:

Please see Debbie if you need advice regarding lyrical costumes.

Duets or Trios:

I will either advise individual parents as to what costume is required or order something appropriate and then invoice parents accordingly. (Most costumes are priced £25-£30).

If you would like Lynden to order an appropriate costume for any of your child's routines, please let Debbie know.


Candidates will require their own stage make-up as follows:

Tan coloured foundation/base

Bright blue eye shadow


Red (not pink) lipstick

Please remember that the make-up is for use under stage lighting, therefore the colours used need to be much brighter than ordinary day make-up.

THE USE OF GLITTER HAIR OR BODY SPRAY IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED ANYWHERE IN THE SPORTS CENTRE. - These sprays always leave a horrible mess on the floors and we must consider the other Sports Centre users who do not want their clothes etc. covered in glitter! Any complaints from Sports Centre customers or cleaning staff, may jeopardise any future Medal Tests being held at The Sports Centre.

Medal Test Day

It should be possible for the children to rehearse in the main hall on the day of their test, before the examiner arrives, so that they can get use to the area in which they will dance. This will be confirmed when the programme from the British Theatre Dance Association is received, approximately 10 days before the test.

The children will change in studio 1 and enter the main hall via the connecting doors. Parents are not permitted to use these doors under any circumstances; they must use the main entrance to the hall.

To avoid distracting the dancers, other members of the audience, or the examiner, spectators will not be permitted to enter the hall when a child is performing or if the examiner is speaking.  All spectators will be charged an admission fee and issued with a sticker to identify that they have already paid if they exit and then re-enter the hall at a later time.

Because it is a performance examination and not a show, to avoid distracting the dancers or the examiner, it is vital that any small children in the audience are very quiet and under control at all times. Parents will be asked to take their children out of the hall if they become noisy or distracting - It's probably best to avoid bringing children under the age of three years if it is at all possible.

If you require any further information regarding the Medal Test please contact the Lynden School of Dance.

To download a document containing details of BTDA Medal Tests, please follow the link.