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Regular and consistent practice is the only way to ensure the best possible chance of a flawless performance but is never a guarantee against the inevitable, but hopefully occasional, lapse of memory or concentration. The children are well prepared for this and are taught how to 'hide' or 'cover' their mistakes as part of their training. (In a similar way that an actor who forgets his lines learns to 'adlib') They are also taught to deal with the situation in a professional manner i.e. Do not stop dancing, do not just stand there and cry, and do not stomp off the stage in a huff! However, it is worth remembering that often more is learnt from mistakes than from victories.

Our next Medal Test is scheduled for Friday 31st May 2013 (half term). If your child is unable to make this date, please let me know as soon as possible, as it may affect others if they work as part of a duet or trio.

Medal Test Running Order:  

All of the children's routines are choreographed and allocated to individual children based on their teacher's assessment of what is suitable and within their personal level of skill and not at the child's or parent's request. The children are assessed on flexibility, co-ordination, existing knowledge or experience, confidence, technique, style, showmanship, ability to take direction, ability to apply corrections, class discipline, commitment, co-operation, attitude, and determination. It is our goal to bring out the best in all of our young dancers and the quantity of routines that they have to perform never surpasses their quality.

As the children will be learning new routines during their medal classes, it will not be possible for us to practice all of their previous routines every week. It is important that the children find their own time to practice them. They will be asked randomly at medal classes to demonstrate their routines and if they are not up to standard, they will not be permitted to perform them.

Keep up the hard work, practice, practice,…and then practice some more!

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