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Medal Test Spectators

The running order for the BTDA Medal Test to be held on 8th June 2012 is available here.  The Medal Tests will be held at Basingstoke Sports Centre.

The dancers will always appreciate your support at the Medal Test, so please come along to watch the event and invite family and friends too.  There will be a small admission fee of £3.00 for all spectators payable within the main hall.

Because it is a performance examination and not a show, to avoid distracting the dancers or the examiner, it is vital that any small children in the audience are very quiet and under control at all times.  Parents will be asked to take their children out of the hall if they become noisy or distracting - It's probably best to avoid bringing children under the age of three years if it is at all possible.

To avoid distracting the dancers, other members of the audience, or the examiner, spectators will not be permitted to enter the hall when a child is performing or if the examiner is speaking.  All spectators will be charged an admission fee and issued with a sticker to identify that they have already paid if they exit and then re-enter the hall at a later time.

Please note that photography or filming is prohibited at the Medal Test.

For further information regarding costumes, make-up, the general format of the Medal test day, etiquette etc. please click here.

To download a document containing details of BTDA Medal Tests, please follow the link.

Lauren Dennison who performed at the Medal Test in October 2010.

For a full list of results click here.

Basingstoke Sports Centre

8th June 2012