© 2022 The Lynden School of Dance & Acrobatics

© 2023 The Lynden School of Dance & Acrobatics

Are you a teen who wishes you had joined a dance class at a younger age but now feel it’s too late?

Would you like to learn to dance in a fun, informal environment?

Have you previously danced but are now looking for a more recreational class, learning new styles?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our NTL class is for you!

Featuring some of the latest music, this class keeps you fit! This is a versatile cardio & strength dance class for all, combining conditioning exercises, modern Jazz, commercial, lyrical styles and more. Our aim is for participants to leave feeling fitter, happier, and more mentally energised!

Students will learn new, fun choreography routines, dance technique, flexibility, and strength exercises. There will also be various group performance opportunities if you do wish to shine on stage in addition to in the studio!

Our NTL class may be enjoyed as purely recreational and fun… or by super keen teens.

NTL Dance Class per 10 Lesson Term:

1 x 55-minute class per week - £80.00 inc VAT

NTL Dance (Never Too Late!)


It’s never too late to dance!

Class Age Groups

NTL Junior – Age 9-12

NTL Senior – Age 13 plus