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Dance Class Requested

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Student Information

This Enrolment Form will be submitted to the Dance Academy and the Lynden School of Dance.

Legal disclaimer:


I give permission for the aforementioned student to participate in classes run by the Dance Academy in association with The Lynden School of Dance and Basingstoke Sports Centre.

I confirm that I have read and accept the 'Terms & Conditions' as laid out by The Lynden School of Dance.  

I understand that whilst every effort is made to ensure the safety of all participants, all physical activity carries a certain amount of risk.

I understand that the students(s) participate at his or her own risk. I accept that all belongings brought in by students are done so at their own risk.

I understand that from time to time photographs and video footage may be taken for publicity purposes and unless stated otherwise as per attached, I am happy for my child to be included in this publicity.         

Payment for Courses:


Payment for all dance courses with the Dance Academy should be made to The Basingstoke Sports Centre.

All Dance Academy courses are offered in conjunction with the Basingstoke Sports Centre.