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Week beginning 5/8, 12/8 and 19/8

10.00am - 4.00pm  



5 - 14 years


Singing, dancing, acting, script reading, casting

sessions and making scenery, props and

costumes; working towards a performance for

parents and friends on the last afternoon.  

Swimming available in Basingstoke.



All children will be issued with a Stageforce T-shirt, which, for

security reasons must be worn for the duration of the workshop.

Collecting your Child

Children will be required to stay at the venue between the hours 10.00 am and 4.00 pm.  They should be collected outside the hall at 4.00 pm.  Children will not be permitted to leave without a parent/guardian unless a request is made in writing, in advance.


Spaces are limited and are on a strictly first come first served basis. Application forms and fees must be received in advance. Fees are non-returnable.

To enrol for these events, follow the link.


Parents and friends are invited to watch the performance on Friday afternoon at 3pm.  Children under three years are not permitted in the audience. We respectfully ask parents with older children in the audience to keep them quiet and under control throughout the performance to avoid disrupting the performers or spoiling the enjoyment of others.

Photography and Filming

Photographs of the children will be taken throughout the week by Stageforce staff and displayed for parents to view.  Due to current child protection policies and copyright laws, no other photography or filming will be permitted.  A CD of the photographs will be available for purchase and photographs will be displayed at low resolution on the web site.