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Caitlin Fiddler

“I'm Caitlin and I have been dancing now for about 2 years and I have enjoyed every bit of it. I dance three times a week and take part in medal tests and dance festivals. Debbie is wonderful and helped me gain a silver medal in my first competition!! I was so proud and I just had to carry on. It is so fab and I always look forward to my classes. I have made good friends and we all support each other and have great fun. At the shows it is so exciting to learn new routines with your group. On the night of the show the atmosphere is great, it is so fun performing in front of an audience, especially with the fantastic costumes and make-up. I have built up my confidence loads with the help of Debbie and the other dancers. It's the best dance school I've been too!!”

Jennifer Dudman

“My Name is Jennifer and I have been dancing with Lynden in Kingsclere since I was 3 and my sister Elizabeth joint last year when she was 2 ½ because I told her how much fun it was.  I loved taking part in the Show at Sadler's Wells because it was fun and I enjoyed the trip to London.  My challenges are learning the new steps as sometime they are quite difficult. This will be my third show at the Anvil but this time I will be doing 5 dances and I think it will be a rush to keep changing my costumes.  I love dancing as it is great exercise.”

Jessica Verney

“I started dancing two years ago, I want to be like my Auntie Maxine - she used to dance with Debbie when she was little. I like learning new routines and then practising them at home, sometimes I make my brother jump about with me too! My older sisters dance but not ballet or tap and so I am the only ballet & tap dancer in our house at the moment, I have two little sisters and maybe one of them will want to be like me and dance with Debbie too :-)  I love having my hair all pretty in a bun for dancing and I enjoy learning new things so that I can take exams and get better and better. I am really looking forward to Danceforce, this is my first time doing a show with Lynden and I am really excited because my family are all coming to watch me and my friends.

Hannah Powers

"I am 8 years old and I love to sing and dance. I started dancing when I was tiny, before I even started school. I have done medal tests and was so excited when I got highly commended. You get a lovely medal and certificate, my mummy was very proud of me. Dancing is exciting because you can pretend you are someone else and you get to dress up. Dancing is great fun, it is good exercise and I am learning to do the splits. I feel more confident and enjoy my dance class on a Monday. I like to show Mummy and Daddy what I have learnt and you get to make lots of new friends. I like to learn new dance routines. "

Alice Huskisson

"I am 7 years old. I started learning Ballet and Tap when I was three at the Sports Centre in Basingstoke. I had great fun with Debbie and soon learnt some basic mimes and some set dances. After I completed my bronze and silver mime examinations with the BDA, I moved up a class level and started learning Modern dance as well as the Tap and Ballet. I passed my Primary exams in the summer of 2010 and I did really well. I am now working towards my grade 1 exams. I have had great fun learning the dances for this show. I have made many friends along the way."

Angela Shi

"Hi, I'm Angela. I am seven years old. I joined dance classes because I like dancing and wanted have some fun. I started dancing when I was four and half, from pre-school class then Thursday's and now is in Saturday's. My sister started it before me. I really enjoy dancing and trying to do the splits."