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Christie Teriaca

“Hi my name is Christie Teriaca. I'm 12 and I have been dancing since I was five.

Dancing is a wonderful experience because there are elements of fun in everything you do, we usually work in grades but every now and then we do competitions, medal tests and shows every two years.

The fun of medal tests, competitions and shows is where we all get together, do each other's hair and makeup also getting butterflies just before you go on stage, and it's a great feeling!  The best part of dancing for me is seeing what the older girls do because compared to me and my friends we think wow they are amazing I want to be like that.”

Ellie Richards

“I am eight years old and I have been dancing from the age of six. I have been enjoying dancing ever since. Dancing has been a great experience for me, it is really amazing and I really want to carry on. I have never been in a show before so am a little bit nervous but very excited. I try my best at everything I do. In my exams I have had two Distinctions and one Honour. I have never done anything better than this so far!!  I discovered Dancing with my Auntie who is a Dance teacher and so she taught me some Ballet - good toes and naughty toes! Dancing is great!!!”

Faye Young

"My name is Faye Young and I have been dancing for more than 3 years, I love being a part of the Lynden School of dance because I get the chance to do things that I don't normally get to do. Dancing at the Anvil and other places like Sadler's wells is the most amazing thing i have done. Dancing has helped me to be more confident and also helped me make new friends.

I have done really well in all of my exams, even getting distinctions in some and I would like to carry on dancing for as long as I possibly can."

Paris York

"My name is Paris York I am 7 years of age and have been doing ballet since I was 2.5years old. Since joining The Lynden School of Dance a few months ago I have made some great friends and been fortunate enough to be able to perform in Danceforce 2011 which will be an amazing opportunity, and I know I will have great fun. I am looking forward to starting my medal test classes. I will continue to work hard and practise at home."

Katie McGregor-Moore

“I have been dancing for 9 years, dancing is my life.  It makes me happy and when I dance I feel alive, it also helps me to express my feelings. I have met some wonderful friends at dancing.

I do the medal tests and I enjoy getting all my costumes ready for the day.  Also it is such a big team effort and we are so supportive of each other.  I compete at competitions and have won many trophies and medals at these events. Although I have won these, competing has taught me that its not always about winning its about taking part and having fun.  Dancing with Lynden has also taught me that this is what I would like to do.  I would like to follow my dream and go onto a professional dance college when I leave school.”

Rachel Thompson

“My name is Rachel Thompson, I am 11 years old and I have been dancing for 7 years.  I have really enjoyed being in this dance school.  Dancing has boosted my confidence especially in performing and being up on stage. It is very exiting as well.  I take part in Exams and Medal Tests, which help me see how I'm doing and give me something to aim for.”