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Wendie-Rae Butcher

"Elissa started dancing at the age of three.  At this stage my hopes as a parent, were to build confidence and for her to gain experiences of working as part of a team.  The dance class has exceeded my expectations; in addition she thoroughly enjoys her lessons and has developed some lovely friendships.  Elissa is now five and is still excited to go to every class, this is reflected in her smile.  In Elissa's words "I love the tunes, twirling, smiling and jigging about"."    

Dawna Yule

“I have three children aged 12, 10, and 5 who all attend The Dance Academy. My eldest has been with the school for 9 years, having started at aged 3.

Debbie runs the school in a very professional and friendly manner.  The children are constantly challenged in order to take exams and move to higher grades.  This has kept my children interested as they are always striving to better themselves.

In addition to the weekly classes, my children have participated in many shows, including performances at the Haymarket, Anvil, Royal Albert Hall and Her Majesty theatre's.  They have also attended several of the Stageforce Musical Theatre Workshops run by Debbie, which they thoroughly enjoy, where they get the opportunity to make scenery and lots of other fun activities, then perform a show on the final day.”

Jan Elizabeth Harris

“Harley is loving it! He even likes skipping round like a fairy!! ????”

Claire Belsey

“Jessica absolutely loves ballet Friday smile emoticon And similar to Annabelle is also practising good toes/naughty toes and other routines at home on her own accord. I think it's fantastic that you've opened up a younger class to include mummies, a great chance for Jessica to enjoy dance, become familiar with the basic steps, gain confidence & get to know you and Charlotte as teachers before she's ready to take the next class up without mummy. Brilliant workout for both Jessica and I, we are honestly enjoying every week together x”

Georgina Wilson

“At 18 months I think Clara was the youngest to join the class but I've been so surprised at how much she's picked up over the last 9 weeks. She still doesn't do everything but she is definitely joining in more week by week. It was nice to do the teddy themed sessions for a few weeks as kids her age thrive on repetitive things as they begin to recognise the songs and moves. I've noticed at home that she is jumping more and becoming more confident and if I say 'Clara, do some ballet', she sticks a foot out and points her toe! Its very cute . Good exercise for me too.”

Melanie Williams

“Holly is 6 years old.  She is a very happy go lucky little girl she loves to make friends she is very kind and caring and can be very funny, she loves telling stories Singing, Dancing and Performing, She is really enjoying the build up to the show and can't wait to get in the costume and perform on the stage at the Anvil.”