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Clare Roche

Annabelle received her very 1st ballet certificate last week at the Sherfield Park class! I love it & she loves it! She sings the songs at home & I often catch her doing "Good toes, naughty toes! She knows the routine now & she looks forward to coming & says "Friday day Mummy? Ballet day? Yey!" I can't fault the class & although I feel like I've done an aerobic workout afterwards I truly value the time spent with Annabelle - especially as (the majority of the time!) she joins in willingly & happily! She has surprised me regularly at the classes by becoming more confident each week & even when I'm not sure she's listening she'll repeat bits of songs & dance moves at home so I know she's absorbing all the lessons! We're looking forward to working towards the next certificate! Xxx”

Sophie Moss

“Ella-Mae loves little tiptoe class on a Friday in Sherfield park! I cannot fault the class at all, Ella-Mae is a very shy, clingy child and not really used to interacting with other children, ballet has really helped to make Ella-Mae a more confident 18 month old. When I first started taking my little girl all she wanted me to do was carry her when joining in the dances with the with the other children and mummies and now she is finally letting go of me and joining in the fun with the other children.

The best thing I did was sign my daughter up for little tiptoe ballet!!! Xx”

Emily Collier

“Although Lucy is yet to join in confidently (even after 8wks) she has started to enjoy the Friday morning lessons we attend and I think the sessions are great fun, and both you and Charlotte are encouraging teachers, thank you x”

Zoe Clifford

“My daughter has been with Lynden since she was 2 1/2 years old and she loves it. She has recently increased the amount of classes she takes, following participating in some shows. As a parent I would say that Lynden teaching staff are well organised, approachable and professional. The opportunities available to all students are fantastic. We have recommended Lynden to friends and family based on our positive personal experience.”

Moushumi Patankar

“Esha started Lynden Dance when she was 3 years 8 months. Since then she attended 3 workshops, one theatre performance in Anvil and still she is enjoying every moment of it. Debbie and Charlotte are very good teachers, indeed. We are very lucky. :-)”

Tim Hills

“Excellent Dance School, with Brilliant Teachers. My Daughter has been with the School for 4 years since the age of 3 and thoroughly enjoys her lessons and the shows they put on.”

Sandra Agozzino

“My daughter has been going since she was 2 1/2. She thoroughly enjoys it, has earned 3 medals and a cup for her exams which she is very proud of. She has just gone up to a new class at The Moniton Trading Estate which is a lovely venue. I'm hoping to start my 2 1/2 year old very soon too. Thanks Debbie and the gang x”