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Di Moore

"My daughter has been dancing with the Lynden School of Dance and The Dance Academy for eight and a half years. They are dedicated, committed and professional. My daughter has grown in confidence over the years and I am extremely proud of how well my daughter has progressed within this time. She has represented the dance school in shows and competition and I feel that this has been a fantastic learning curve."    

Sarah McCann

"My daughter, Ellie, has been dancing with the Lynden School of Dance since before she was 3 - she is now 8 - and she thoroughly enjoys it.  I always marvel at how much she has learnt in that time.  Ellie has taken part in a couple of shows - I can't begin to imagine how much work is put in to these productions but the work that is produced is amazing and is genuinely enjoyed by all!  The School strives for the pupils to do their best and they do - this is due to the teacher's dedication and great ability to teach."

Jane Anstead

"Training at the Lynden School of Dance gave me the experience of performing in shows and dance festivals and the technical foundation I needed to further my career dancing professionally around the world. Although my performing career ended when I had my two children, I still use the knowledge and skills that I learnt at The Lynden School of Dance today as teacher of Dance education in Schools.

My daughter now attends the school and loves every minute!  My son regularly attends the Stageforce musical theatre workshops that Debbie runs and he considers them to be the highlights of his year!"

Angela Clark

“Your Concert for Emma had a fantastic result!!  I keep hearing great things about it from people I run into in the neighbourhood or at the post office, etc.  And the cheque you gave me today for £960.88 -- that's fantastic!!  Well done!

And thanks SO much!  I deposited the cheque today while we were already at the Mall.  We've reached our target goal of £30K now, and then some......as the exchange rate isn't in our favour (and we actually need £35K to cover all medical).  So this was a huge help!!

Fundraising has now ground to a halt, with the Concert being one of the last events.  There are still a few things going on in August that people have planned for us, while we're away, and those funds will still go toward medical costs and physio aftercare in the US.

Thanks so much for all your effort -- the Lynden Dance girls did a wonderful job at the Concert, and we all really enjoyed ourselves. Michelle, Emma and Rebecca are continuing to enjoy their gifts from the troupe and looking forward to packing them in their bags for America.  Thanks again!! Xx”

Jackie Player

"Both my daughters have attended dance lessons at The Lynden School of Dance and The Sports Centre Dance Academy for a number of years.  The quality of teaching is excellent and the girls are encouraged to progress through the grades in order to achieve high standards in examinations.  The Danceforce shows are always performed and managed professionally and are very enjoyable to watch. My daughters enjoy their dancing and are committed to being part of the continuing success of the dance school"