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Principal – Debbie Palmer

The Lynden School of Dance provides classes in Basingstoke, Chineham, Overton, Chineham and Oakley - as well as online.

Lynden is an all-inclusive dance and gymnastics school that nurtures and inspires all its students equally by offering first class tuition in Dance and Gymnastics, in a safe and structured environment.

We aim to ensure that all dance students can perform in front of a live audience, which we believe helps to give them greater discipline and confidence, as well as giving them a real sense of achievement that the whole family can share.

Our dancers are regularly entered for accredited exams that are regulated by Ofqual and carry UCAS points and our gymnasts work their way through the BG proficiency badges, giving them all a benchmark upon which to measure their progress. However, exams and badge tests are not mandatory, and students can progress to the next level without taking them if they prefer.

All our teachers are fully qualified, DBS checked, and First aid trained. The school is affiliated to the British Theatre Dance Association and registered with British Gymnastics.

“A Profile of the School” sets out to demonstrate our values and how we nurture talent.  Also view here.  Please share this with friends and family.